Learning Through Play/Early Learning Education

Take a minute or two and reflect back on who your favorite teacher/teachers were back when you were in school...

What made them special and what makes them stand out today in your memory is most likely the way they communicated with you. They most likely had enthusiasm, encouragement, and a passion for what they did, so much so that it helped leave an indelible mark on your psyche that remains to this day. My favorite teachers also took the time to make learning fun and engaging!  

Now take a minute to think about the soundtrack of your childhood. Which songs come to mind? Did you learn all of the words, did you dance and sing along?

How about if we combine the concepts? Take enthusiastic, passionate teachers, interesting topics, melodies to songs that are fun to sing and move along with, and roll them up all together! That's something we've been doing at Mr. Greg's Musical Madness for over 10 years and with our NEW online classes, we are happy to share this with you. We hope to bring joy and the love of learning to your child and many children in this manner. Our video lessons and songs have been on PBS TV for quite some time and are viewed in classrooms, homes, and many other places, worldwide.

Here's a recent quote that I find to be inspiring during these uncertain times:

"Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out" - John Wooden, Former UCLA Basketball Coach