Let’s Learn about Summer Camps!

At Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness, we believe that children learn best through PLAY!

General Summer Camp

Our instructional method is to ensure that children are joyously engaged in music, movement, and games in order to fully grasp the concepts we are teaching them. We believe that this is the best way for children to learn!

By combining our educational, age-appropriate curriculum with our interactive, entertaining content, MGMM has crafted a form of “edu-tainment” that is delightfully effective and sparks the creativity of young minds. Our programs focus on interactive “learning through play” activities and are pitch-perfect for budding musicians.

We recognize the importance of hands-on activities; freedom of thought, creativity, and expression; and Rest in education. While we are careful to implement all of these ideals into our in-semester classes, we recognize that they are absolutely essential to the atmosphere of a summer camp!

For this reason, we take great care to teach students through summer-fun activities, ensuring that they will have an experience that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives!

Themed Summer Camp

Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness offers a variety of themes that can be integrated into our general summer curriculum! 

If your school has a particular theme, we are flexible and can mold our lesson plan to fit your needs!