A Grammy-nomination for Mr. Greg's Musical Madness producer!

Grammy Nomination!

I’m very excited to share the news that Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness songs are produced by me & my good friend, Mark Dannells, an insanely talented musician and now an officially Grammy-nominated producer!!!  
We’re going to find out if Mark wins the Grammy, in Feb, 2024, so please keep your fingers crossed for us!

I’ve slowed down on my performing schedule to focus on writing/recording new songs, creating a new Mr. Greg T.V. show, & much more importantly, to spend time with my son, Elijah, a current senior in High School who will be going to college soon.

LIMITED offer on discounted Live Shows:
I am still performing so if you are interested in MGMM coming to visit your facility for a live, educational, engaging performance at a discounted rate, please contact MrGregsOffice@gmail.com 
Thank you very much.

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