EVERYDAY is Earth Day for Mr. Greg's Musical Madness

What happens when you write a song, turn that song into an animated video, and then write your first children's book based on the animated music video? 

Aside from losing some hair, or A LOT of hair if you’re Mr. Greg, you hope for the best & prepare for the worst! 

The “Saving the Earth with Mr. Greg!” book, based on the animated music video featured on PBS Kids TV, is finished!!!  Yaaay, woot-woot! 

Unfortunately, we’re moving the pre-release date back several months.  Boooo! 

No worries!  

If you’re a teacher or caregiver of children ages 2.5 to 8, a parent, or you were a child once, we think you’re going to enjoy listening to the Parent’s Choice Award-winning “Saving the Earth with Mr. Greg!” song AND watching the animated video! 

HERE’S a video teaser.   For the full video, visit us at: www.MrGregsMusicalMadness.com